About Us

Flora Imports is a wholesale importing company which was established by Michael Rahner in 1993 and became one of the largest importers of garden décor products and garden accessories, in South Africa.

With a competitive advantage in terms of an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry, Flora Imports became a major player in the Garden Décor and Accessories importing business. We formed loyal relationships with a number of suppliers who trusted our professionalism and ability to distribute and sell their products.

The beginnings of Flora Imports are rooted in a deep passion for beautiful gardens. Michael was firstly the owner of Flora Farm, a remarkable and inspiring retail garden centre established in 1977. Being bored with the limited selection of pots and garden products in South Africa and being something of a treasure hunter, he began searching beyond our borders to uncover unusual and exciting pots, baskets, cover pots and a multitude of other garden accessories to bring home. 

In 2015 Flora Imports was sold to the GardenShop group of companies and so the legacy continued to grow and our reach expanded to new and exciting avenues, with brilliant retail partners by our side. GardenShop have an extensive knowledge of the Garden industry and this knowledge is filtered through to our buying, whereby we source products which we know our customers will love.

Flora Imports has always aligned itself with reputable suppliers and today our dedicated buyers are constantly sourcing new and exciting products. Our aim is to inspire creativity amongst our customers and make gardens and homes more beautiful.


Like GardenShop, Flora Imports is driven by our brilliant and dedicated team of professionals, who are constantly working to make sure that we are acknowledged as one of the top garden décor and accessories wholesalers in the country.

The team is led by Estelle King. Estelle has been with Flora Imports for years and knows the industry ins and outs better than anyone.

She has a team of two brilliant sales people and six warehouse staff, who are all committed and dedicated to growing the business.

Petro Koekemoer has been with the company for over 20 years! She is a saleswoman extraordinaire, who has formed loyal and long-lasting relationships with her customers across the country. Thandi Gwambe started out as an out-of-office rep for Flora Imports, and her dedication and success saw her moving into a permanent sales role at Flora Imports. Both Petro and Thandi have an extensive knowledge about all the highs and lows of the importing business as well as an incredible understanding of all things pots and garden décor and accessories related.

These three amazing women and our hard-working warehouse staff, led by the brilliant Joel, are the backbone and driving force behind Flora Imports and if you ever have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact them at the Flora Imports office.